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Plumb Parts offer a range of high quality consumables at cheap and reasonable prices manufactured by the following:

Fillers for use in DIY and Building project’s for filling small to medium sized holes and surface imperfections and most porous surfaces such as wood and plaster. Fillers usually dry to a smooth but tough, crack resistant finish which may be sanded then painted, papered or stained.
We sell wide range of caulks that are permanently flexible for sealing and filling all cracks and gaps before decoration. Can allow you to be ready to paint within one hour without the need of sanding down.
Solder that can be used in combination with Flux when soldering copper and metal pipes, tubes and fittings together this can be either Lead free Solder or Solder/Lead mix Type.
Putties that are designed for sealing and bedding Soil pipes, joints in sanitary ware, sinks and waste water fittings. Some putty types can also stay permanently flexible to allow movement for joints
Many tapes that are sold at Plumb Parts are waterproof, resists petrol, oil, Acids, solvents, Salt, Water and UV rays. Certain high grade tapes can withstand extreme temperatures from -65°c to +260°c giving an airtight seal while being non adhesive.
Solvent Cements With their rapid rate of bond strength and many being non-drip, solvent cements can be used for jointing a variety of materials.
Pipe Freeze Used to freeze pipes and tubes in a working environment where it is not possible or suitable to remove liquids from pipes or tubes prior to maintenance.
Gas leak Directional angle spray’s for quick and convenient detection of potentially dangerous gas leaks.
At Plumb Parts we have a selection of 400g propane and map gas cylinders.
Flux which can be applied to joint area on metals, such as steel, copper and galvanised iron prior to being soldered or welded.
Our ranges of Dyes come in 200g jars and in a variety of colours. Versatile, clean and easy to use and also soluble while still being non toxic.