Turbotorch TTP Propane Tank 400 G.For use with Turbolite Torch, and most other makes of Propane Torches.


Gas & Maintenance

At Plumb Parts, Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow, our Gas & Maintenance are available in the following

Our range of Gas & Maintenance includes: Advance Closure Plate Tapes Small.Advance Closure Plate Tapes Large. Arctic Sprays. Arctic Spray Starter Kits.Capsol Solder Wires.Ever Build P18 Plumbers Gas Leak Detectors. Ever Build P20 Plumbers Fluxes. Gas Marking Tapes. Gas Tape One Wraps. La-Co Fluxes. Lead Free Solder Wires. Powerflow Fluxes. PTFE Seal Tapes. Rothenberger MAPP Pro Gas Cylinder. Set of Flux Brushes. TTP Propane.

Available Online and at Plumb Parts Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow Open 7 days a week , 7AM to 7PM

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