Vokera Combined wireless room thermostat with 7 day clock

(Suitable For The Following Boilers: Unica HE, Compact A, Linea One & Unica I)

The Vokera Combined Wireless RF Room Thermostat With 7 day Clock – it is a wall mounted, loaded with battery, digitally operated thermostat control designed for use with the Vokera Gas Boilers, allowing simple and basic control over the central heating timings and temperatures over a 7-day period and enabling versatile siting and ensures end user accessibility.

This Combined Wireless RF Room Thermostat is a basic boiler control with many functions. The manually programmed settings on the control will switch on the boiler as well as informing it of the requested room temperature. The programmed ‘off’ time on the control will instruct the boiler to switch off and to cease supplying central heating.

The Vokera 7 day Wireless RF Programmable Room Thermostat features and benefits:

– Allows control over Vokera boiler heating timings with continuous, timed and off modes of operation – the control will switch the boiler on and off in order to produce the set temperature at the programmed time, over a 7-day period.
– The receiver is easily connected to the boiler using the ‘plug and play’ Tyco socket.
– Frost protection function: Switches on the boiler if the room temperatures drop below 5ºC; this function is continuously active regardless of any programmed settings and helps prevent damage to the boiler and system during periods of freezing weather conditions.
– Easy to read LCD display.
– Compatible with most Vokera boiler models* (Please refer to the Vokera’s Product Guide for compability).
– For maximum comfort it is recommended that the thermostat is set between 18 – 21ºC.

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