Ceramic disc headworks utilise hard wearing ceramic discs that rotate against each other in order to open and close a waterway.

Ceramic Discs have higher resistance to corrosion and wear, and thus require less maintenance. They are also much easier to operate so are of benefit to the elderly and the less able.


At Plumb Parts, Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow, our Valves are available in the following sizes:

Metric sizes: 8mm, 10mm,15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm, 54mm

Imperial sizes: 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1”, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2”,

Our range of Valves includes:

Angled Isolating Valves.

Angled Washing Machine Valves.

Ball Type Pump Valves.

Blue Lever Ball Valve Compression.

Capillary Gas Cock Rigid Fan.

, Compression Brass Lever Isolating Valves.

Compression Iso Gas Cock.

Copper Floats Round.

Float Valve High Pressure Part 1.

Float Valve High Pressure Part 2.

Full Bore Isolating Valve CxC.

Garden Tap Kit.

Gas Lever Ball Valve FxF.

Gas Yellow Lever Ball Valves.

Gate Type Pump Valves.

Gate Valevs.

Gun Metal Gate Valves.

Hose Union Bib Tap Lockshield Valves.

Hose Union Bib Tap Valves.

Isolating Valves.

Isolating Valves with Lever.

Lockshield Gate Valves.

Mini Lever Ball Valves.

Mini Lever Ball Valve Elbows.

MT Draw Off Cock Type A Capilary.

MT Draw Off Cock Type B.

Red Butterfly Handle Valves.

Red Lever Ball Valves.

Service Valve CxSwivel Nut.

Single Check Valves.

Spring Check Valves.


DZR Stopcocks.

DZR Stopcock Lockshield.

Straight Washing Machine Valves.

Surestop Remote Stopocks.

Swing check Valves.

Washing Machine Self Cutting Valves.

Washing Machine Tee Valves.

Suitable For Water.

Price Excludes VAT.

Free Delivery Over £100.00.

Available Online and at Plumb Parts Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow Open 7 days a week , 7AM to 7PM

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1/2" – PAIR

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