Cistern Fittings

At Plumb Parts, Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow, our Cistern Fittings are available in the following:

Imperial sizes: 1/2″, 3/8”, 1 1/2″, 2”, 7 1/2″, 8”, 9”

Our range of Cistern Fittings includes: Adjustable Flush Valves, Adjustable Flush Valves with accessories, Angled Toilet Pan Fixing Kits, Basin Fixing Kits, Bolt Through Kits, Bottom Entry Valves, Bottom Inlet Valves, Button and Handle Flush Valves, Close Couple Kits, Dome Washers, Dual Flush Syphons, External Flush Cone White Rubber, Flush Valve with accessories, Foam Doughnut Washers, Height Adjustable Syphons, Internal Flush Cones, Straight Toilet Pan Fixing Kits, Studio Doughnut Washers, Syphon Diaphragm Washers,  Toilet Handle Kits, Torbeck Adjustable Filling Valves, Unifill 4 in 1 Float Valves, Universal Drop Valves, Universal Flush Button.

Our toilet flush valves are easy to install, save water and will stop toilet leaks at the drain.

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