At Plumb Parts our MDPE fittings are available in the following:

Metric sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm

And Imperial sizes from 1/2 “ to 1 1/2″

Our range of MDPE Fittings includes MDPE Connectors, MDPE Copper Couplers, MDPE Copper Liners, MDPE Copper Olives, MDPE Equal Elbows, MDPE Female Adaptors, MDPE Imperial Converters, MDPE Male Adaptors, MDPE Pipe Inserts, MDPE Reducing Connectors. MDPE Stem Elbows, MDPE Stop Ends, MDPE Stop Taps, MDPE TEES, MDPE Wallplate Elbows.


Plastic push-fit fitting to connect MDPE pipe. The uniquely designed fitting incorporates stainless teeth to provide a tight and secure grip on the pipe. The connection is demountable if required, ensuring the system is easy to work when in the ground and needing to maintain and alter existing set-up. Installation time is greatly reduced when compared against traditional fixing methods.



  • Cold Water Only
  • No tools required
  • Simple push in action
  • Durable – High resistance to impact
  • Reliable trouble free connection
  • Stainless steel teeth providing extra grip
  • Free Delivery Over £100.00


Additional information

20mmX1/2", 25mmX3/4", 32X32mm, 28mm, 35X35mm, 42X42mm, 54X54mm, 67X67mm, 76X76mm, 108X108mm

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