At Plumb Parts our Waste Traps are available in the following:

Metric sizes 32mm, 40mm

And Imperial sizes from 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″.

Our range of Waste Traps includes Anti Vac Bottle Traps, Appliance Half Traps, Bottle Traps, Chrome Grid Shower Traps, FastFlo Shower Traps, P Traps, Running P Traps, S Traps, Shallow Bath Traps, Shower Traps, Single Bowl Sink Kits, Telescopic Bottle Traps, Telescopic P Traps, Telescopic Pedestal Traps, Trap Height Adjustors, Trap Seal Kits, Washing Machine Traps, Washing Machine and DishWasher Nozzles, Washing Machine Kits, Washing Machine Tees, Wet Room Shower Traps.

System Features:

Manufactured to BS EN 274

Manufactured in white high temperature polypropylene with compression type outlets that fit plastic waste pipes 32mm/11/4″ and 40mm/11/2″,

Includes unique innovative design pedestal trap,

Four combinations of shower traps available with plastic or chrome grid,

Several combinations of appliance traps available for installation of washing machines/dishwashers etc.


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