At Plumb Parts our COMPRESSION WASTE fittings are available in the following:

Metric sizes 32mm, 40mm

And Imperial sizes from 1 1/4” to 1 1/2”

Our range of COMPRESSION WASTE Fittings includes: Compression Waste 45deg Bends, Compression Waste 0-90 Adjustable Bends, Compression Waste 90deg Bends, Compression Waste 90 deg Conversion Bends, Compression Waste Flexible Tubes, Compression Waste Plain Swivel Elbows, Compression Waste Reducers, Compression Waste Straight Couplings, Compression Waste Tees, Compression Air Admittance Valve.


Made in polypropylene, this quick and easy to install waste system incorporates a compression outlet that accepts plastic pipes to BS 5254 and BS 5255 and copper pipes to BS 659 and BS 2871. No solvent welding required.

The fittings for this system work as the name suggests. Rubber rings are compressed between the fitting and the pipe in such a way as to produce a watertight seal.

Many standard items are of the compression type since they allow for the pipework to be readily dismantled and reassembled. This makes it easy for blockages to be cleared.

The general arrangement is a fitting – trap, bend, etc – with a large plastic nut at both ends, and a rubber ring or washer for each end of the connection.

  • Fits All Standard Waste Pipe
  • Manufactured To BS EN 1455-1:2000
  • Price Excludes VAT
  • Free Delivery Over £100
Additional information

32/40/50mm, 40mm, 50mm, 28mm, 35X35mm, 42X42mm, 54X54mm, 67X67mm, 76X76mm, 108X108mm

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