At Plumb Parts, Plumbers Merchants in Glasgow, our Polyplumb fittings are available in the following:

Metric sizes 10mm,15mm,22mm,28mm

And Imperial sizes from 3/8″ to 1”.

Our range of Polyplumb Fittings includes Polyplumb Couplers, Polyplumb Elbows, Polyplumb Equal Tees, Polyplumb Straight Tap Connectors, Polyplumb Bent Tap Connectors, Polyplumb Appliance Valves, Polyplumb Bent Service Valves, Polyplumb Branch And One End Reduced Tees, Polyplumb Branch Reduced Spigot Tees, Polyplumb Branch Reduced Tees, Polyplumb Brass Wallplate Elbows, Polyplumb Double Check Valves, Polyplumb End Reduced Tees, Polyplumb Female BSP Adaptors, Polyplumb Hand Tighten Tap Connector, Polyplumb Male BSP Adaptors, Polyplumb MDPE Polyfast Adaptors, Polyplumb MDPE Stopcocks, Polyplumb Plastic Pipe Stiffeners, Polyplumb Plastic Wallplate Elbows, Polyplumb Polybutylene Double Sided Manifolds, Polyplumb Polybutylene Single Sided Manifolds, Polyplumb Reducing Couplers, Polyplumb Shut-Off Valves, Polyplumb Socket Blank Ends, Polyplumb Socket Reducers. Polyplumb Spigot Blank Ends, Polyplumb Spigot Elbows, Polyplumb Spigot Reducers, Polyplumb Steel Pipe Stiffeners, Polyplumb Stopcocks, Polyplumb Straight Service Valves, Polyplumb Tank Connectors, Polyplumb Two Ends Reduced Tees.


Polyplumb is an integrated flexible plumbing system using robust polybutylene pipes and a wide range of push-fit fittings. It can be used for hot and cold water supply, as well as radiator and under-floor heating installations.


Polyplumb products can be easily dis-assembled and reused or modified. Robust polybutylene construction reduces the risk of burst pipes due to freezing. High performance stainless steel grab ring ensures superb joint integrity. Polyblumb is time efficient, this easy-to-fit system reduces the time and cost of installation.


Polyplumb system components are not affected by hard water scale or soft water corrosion. Fittings can be rotated even when under pressure. They can be painted with normal household paints.

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15X15X22mm, 22X15X15mm, 28X22X22mm, 28X28X22mm, 35X35mm, 42X42mm, 54X54mm, 67X67mm, 76X76mm, 108X108mm

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