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Top 5 Tips to Combat Plumbing Leaks

Water damage due to plumbing leaks may cost you heavily. Mould cleanups can get messy as well as expensive. Thus it is better to take precautions in time so that you never get a chance to face such situations. Here are a few tips that will help you keep away such leakages.

Figure Out where the main water shut-off valve is located. In case you notice any plumbing leaks at your home, you should straight away turn the main valve off so that the flow of water stops in all the pipes inside your home. In the mean while call your plumber to get the exact problem fixed. To be on the safer side, you can get individual shut-off valves for different appliances at home. In this way you can have water running in the other areas of your home while you keep the valve of affected area shut.

Flow sensors are very helpful in detecting plumbing leaks. If you get them installed, they will automatically shut the water flow in the entire house if any kind of leakage is detected. It might seem to be costly but in the long run it will only prove to be an intelligent investment as it will save you from heavy expenditures on water damage repair from time to time.

Wrap the pipes exposed to cold temperature in insulation. This will keep the flowing water within these pipes from freezing and cracking them. Along with this, installing frost-free hose bibs on these pipes can also be a smart decision.

Change the habit of using exposed pipes for hanging store clothes or laundry. This may damage or loosen the fasteners or joints and can cause plumbing leaks.

Don’t avoid or underestimate the smallest of leaks.
Smallest of the leaks have the potential to cause corrosion in pipes. This might result in severe water damage or mould formation. Keep a consistent check on the pipes and make sure you get tiniest of the leakage issue sorted immediately after you notice a slightest sign of it.